Ruby Meditation explorers the world. Second year together with FAF we gather and expand Ruby community in Moldova.

We invite you to the conference Ruby Wine 2.0, which is held on 4th of April in Chisinau, Moldova.

You can follow Ruby Wine on Facebook and its website.

Going to this event, it is a great opportunity for colleagues to make a team building. Visiting new country, attending the conference, meeting and chatting with new people, visiting the most famous wineries Mileștii Micior or Сricova, walking around Chisinau, tasting “placinte”, getting common memories which make you feel on one way with colleagues.

Ruby Wine 2.0 has 2 tracks. One track has talks for professionals, a perfect mix of top-notch talks, deep tech discussions.

Another track is dedicated to making a new generation of ruby developers. Learning a new language could be hard. The beginners session consists of introductive talks and workshops. Beginners will have the opportunity to ask professionals any questions, and the professionals will get a unique chance to share their knowledge.

In the end of the event it will be a friendly chatting during a networking wine session.

Call for Papers is open till January 19. Feel free to apply and become a speaker.

Early tickets are on sale here. Lower price for students.



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