We are back and we invite you to join our Ruby Meditation #30. Online on Saturday, October 24.

This is the 30th event. Our big anniversary as we gather the Ruby community. Can you imagine? We started to do it in 2013. Technology changed, IT market changed, the world changed, an event format moved to online. Let's keep gathering, enjoy communication, sharing knowledge and experience.

Meet our first speaker Mo Khan*, Senior Backend Engineer at Gitlab, with the talk “Developing with Docker”.

Panel Discussion. We will discuss date up-to-date issues, Ruby future and more.

The moderator: Tetiana Chupryna, Backend developer at Gitlab.

Our guests:

  • Sergey Sergyenko, CEO at Cybergizer,
  • Anna Shcherbinina, Web development lead in Artec Group

And we invite you to become a speaker or participate in Panel Discussion, check this link here

The event will be held in Zoom.

Bonuses for students and parents:

  • Students, who are interested in Ruby and have a willingness to visit Ruby Meditation, can get a 50% discount using promo code 'student'.
  • Parents of a small baby (0-3) on maternity leave can get a special discount using promo code 'GrowWithYourKid'.




Mo Khan

Senior Backend Engineer, GitLab

Developing with Docker

Deploying Docker images is a popular way to release and distribute software. This style of packaging comes with a different set of challenges. In this presentation, I will share an overview of how to build, distribute and optimize Docker images. The information from this presentation is heavily influenced by the lessons learned from building the license scanning Docker image at GitLab.


Anna Shcherbinina

Web development lead in Artec Group

Guest at Panel Discussion


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