Happy to invite you to the first event of this year to Ruby Meditation #31. Online on Saturday, January 23.

Let’s start the year with a friendly Ruby community. The event starts at 17:00 PM EET. It will be held in Zoom.

Bonuses for students and parents:

  • Students, who are interested in Ruby and have a willingness to visit Ruby Meditation, can get a 50% discount using promo code 'student'.
  • Parents of a small baby (0-3) on maternity leave can get a special discount using promo code 'GrowWithYourKid'.

Agenda. Timezone EET



Mykhailo Bortnyk

Ruby developer

Type checking in Ruby (ENG)

After Sorbet, Ruby team started to develop homebrew type checking system. We’ll take a look on type checking tools in Ruby, review pros and cons of all of them. We are going to do some type-checking tasks and experiments and consider if type checking in Ruby is ready for production usage.


Markus Schirp

"Master of disaster" 😅

Development with bicycles (ENG)

This talk focuses on a technique that enables developers and organizations to spend their developers' time more efficiently. The technique produces actionable call to actions to eliminate "wiggle room" between the behavior specified by tests and the behavior implemented in the code. It can be seen as the spiritual successor to traditional line coverage, that, while easy to measure, was not a meaningful metric to base actionable items from. The talk will demonstrate using the mutant mutation testing tool on a life subject, and will feature a high degree of audience interaction.


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